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Workshops and Training

Please email  wilna@soundtherapy.co.za for a list of our current and future courses.

Foundation Course in Sound Therapy & Sound Meditation

Starting in September


A 10-month course on the Healing & Transformative Power of Sound for

Self-development and Personal Practice

The course uses a self-exploratory approach during which students engage in constructive yet enjoyable individual as well as group exercises aimed at instilling knowledge on the principles of sound therapy and sonic meditation.


Guidance through integrated silence, sound, rhythm, breathing, vizualisation and deep self-enquiry is at the heart of the course. This will ensure a good foundation to help you establish a fulfilling personal healing practice. You will learn to use specific sound frequencies produced by Himalayan and Quartz Crystal singing bowls, drums and voice for deep relaxation and release of energy blockages.


Email wilna@soundtherapy.co.za to receive a copy of the course brochure.


This Foundation Course serves as a stand-alone course for self-development.  However, for students who wish to qualify as professional sound therapy practitioners, this Foundation Year counts as a pre-requisite to the 18-month diploma course below.

Diploma in Integrative Sound Therapy

This professional training is offered to students who have successfully completed the above Foundation Course and who want to train further and become professional Integrative Sound Therapy practitioners. This course runs over a 18-month period and includes theory, case studies and a final dissertation.

Monthly Sound Meditation

twice monthly, on a Sunday



(booking required)

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